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Ecommerce Fraud Monitoring and Detection Services Platform

Sophisticated advances such as smartphones have given digital entrepreneurs the ability to set up highly successful businesses online. However, digital store owners should consider implementing fraud monitoring and detection tools to protect their e-commerce platforms to avoid issues like chargebacks and other penalties.


Are you truly aware of the online fraud risks you’re exposed to as a digital merchant?

Running an online store that currently receives transactions without having proper anti-fraud prevention tools is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

If you have an eCommerce business, an online store, or receive payments over the internet, the chances are that sooner or later, you will become a target of fraud, so it’s better to anticipate and prevent attacks.

Get a better understanding of potential fraud risks regarding your online business: provides you with automated fraud monitoring and prevention services. Our tools and services allow you to identify suspicious activity using an automatic and multifaceted process.

To learn more about our available solutions, contact us now or discover our different plans to find the most suitable solution for your store.

critical-icon Fraud Detection and Fraud Monitoring Services

Online stores can generate hundreds of sales per day, but not all transactions are legitimate. Digital fraud is fast becoming one of the most significant obstacles for Latin American online merchants. One of the reasons is that each unauthorized sale can result in additional fees and penalties.'s fraud detection and monitoring services allow you to analyze each transaction generated in your store using automated technology. Our platform verifies a wide array of elements to ensure that all the sales you generate through your digital store are legitimate.

In case of finding suspicious transactions, simply blocks these sales and includes them in the different reports available through our secure web portal.


How to choose the best platform for your online store

All digital stores are different.

Therefore, it’s wise to evaluate your requirements and budget to choose the fraud monitoring and prevention platform that best works for you.

Below, we share some steps you can take to choose the best payment verification platform for your online store.

  • Create a plan with detailed goals and objectives
  • Determine the average number of users who visit your page daily and weekly
  • Decide which skills or qualities are most important
  • Evaluate the different providers and choose the one with the best profile for your business
  • Keep evaluating your platform for at least 30 days and try other alternatives if you are not fully satisfied with the results

Do you need help choosing the best platform? is a security platform compatible with all types of online stores. Contact us now to learn more about our fraud detection and monitoring services.



Benefits of’s Fraud Monitoring and Fraud Detection Services

Our fraud monitoring service for e-commerce businesses brings many advantages. These include:


1. Fraudulent Purchase Recognition and Removal identifies and eliminates fraudulent or suspicious sales through innovative data automation.

Our process is based on detecting suspicious behavior using various tools, including profile authentication.

This allows you to focus on creating an intuitive store, providing a good experience for your customers, and generating more sales in the long run.By delegating to the fraud protection activities on behalf of your business, you will be able to focus more on what counts the most: your business's profitability.


2. A better user experience

The quality of your services and products are essential, but your main goal should be to create a good experience for your customers.

Even if you have the best product or service, a poor user experience can drive away your customers and have a catastrophic effect on your business.

To create a great experience, you have to build an online store, provide a fantastic service, and make sure your customers appreciate your products. Fortunately, helps you create a secure store, protect your customers, and establish a good experience for every potential client who visits your page.


3. Freedom to set up your store according to your liking

Our security platform works as an additional layer or coating of protection that you can apply to any type of electronic store. So it doesn't matter if you've built a store on WordPress, Hubspot, or by using HTML, lets you set up your business page in your own way


4. Cost reduction by avoiding chargebacks

Chargebacks are one of the most substantial problems that Latin American digital merchants have been facing recently. allows you to reduce or completely eliminate chargeback costs. You only have to hire our fraud monitoring and fraud detection service to ensure that each financial transaction in your store is meticulously evaluated.


5. Ability to implement various validation mechanisms

Online merchants can use various digital platforms to process payments by card or other virtual means.

However, these tools don’t always verify transactions automatically, increasing the chances of being hacked. can automatically evaluate and validate each payment processed on your page.

Our platform has several mechanisms to validate each payment, including innovative techniques such as IP address geolocation, disposable domain detection, and the use of public allowlists/blocklists.

What are chargebacks?

Chargebacks occur when unauthorized financial transactions take place in your store. In other words, if a scammer completes a purchase at your store with a third-party card, that transaction will become a chargeback.

Learn more about chargebacks here >

When consumers find an unauthorized transaction in their bank account, they contact their bank to start the chargeback process. During this process, the consumer's bank contacts the merchant to request a refund.

In addition to offering a refund, merchants often have to cover additional costs such as fines. Not only this, but some merchants might also be blocklisted by financial institutions, limiting the entrepreneur’s access. is a powerful solution that allows you to reduce or completely eliminate chargeback costs. Visit our plans page to find out more about our platform and how much it costs.


Start using today!

Many elements affect the performance of your digital store. In addition to building an intuitive, attractive, and professional page, you also have to protect your business and make sure that all payments you receive are legitimate. brings an additional level of security to your store through an innovative fraud detection and monitoring system. Contact our team to learn more about how you can protect your store, or just visit our pricing page to see what plans are available for you.

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