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Easy eCommerce platforms integration

Setting up Critical.net on your online store is a quick and easy process; You don't need the help of a programmer. We provide complete guides for installing Critical.net in your online store.


Developer assistance is not required. Easy to install and configure.

Direct API

Compatible with any eCommerce platform. Request API access.

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Integration of the Critical.net plugin in
eCommerce platforms

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Installation Guide
Installation Guide
Installation Guide
Installation Guide

Direct connection via API

Our API can easily connect to any shopping cart, platform, or system that supports online payments. With Critical.net, you can integrate Latin America’s most robust anti-fraud solution into your online payment system in just a few steps.

This is how you will secure a safer business and a healthier return on investment.

Just like our plugins, our API detects all possible fraud traits involved in purchase transfers. Get in touch with us to get connected through our API.

Request for API connection

Rellena todos los datos y nos pondremos en contacto con usted lo antes posible.

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Your security. Your business. Your peace of mind.
At Critical.net, we provide solutions that assist, recognize and detect fraudulent orders,
minimizing any
chargebacks and losses due to fraud.

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