An e-commerce fraud prevention service for small eCommerce store owners

  • Innovative fraud prevention technology
  • Personalized customer service
  • Envisioned for the small and medium size enterprise.
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We protect your business, How do we help your eCommerce business?

We provide a fraud detection and prevention service that protects your online store from suspicious or fraudulent activity by automating data. enhances security for your online store and your clients.

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United against fraud,We ensure your safety

Tailoring solutions based on your business needs allows us to provide you with the best possible results.


Expedited Operations

Reduce manual revisions and automates operations allowing swifter access to information about your business’s performance.


Stop losses

Our real time intelligent learning software is able to proactively and accurately detect scammers.


Increase Sales

Minimize the need for manual revisions. Focus on growing your traffic and sales.

E-commerce platforms Easily integrate into the following platforms integrates seamlessly to the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms

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Leading fraud, the best fraud protection for your e-commerce business


When starting an online store, you expose yourself to many risks. There are several types of fraud that can negatively affect your online business, cost you money, and hurt your store’s reputation among your clients

This is why it’s key to protect your company against online scammers and fraud. With, you are guaranteed smart and agile protection in addition to access to our team of experts, who are available to support you seven days a week.

SMEsSmall and medium size enterprises

Oftentimes merchants refuse legitimate orders because they consider them to be fraudulent. This negatively affects small and medium sized businesses in two different ways. On one hand, they suffer economic losses, and on the other, they scare off their client base. provides the necessary protection to automatically identify suspicious transactions, differentiating them from authentic orders.

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A service designed for youHow does online fraud protection actually work?

Our system is based on processes that automatically detect fraudulent activities.

We provide multiple profile authentication tools that enable you to verify the identity of clients accessing your online business. We boost this method by employing specialized databases, comprised of blacklists, whitelists, as well as records from local and global purchasers.

Simultaneously, we perform fraud risk management, providing the best solutions based on your business strategy and maximizing outcomes by using algorithms and advanced automated processes.

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Our team of specialized online fraud prevention professionals uses state-of-the-art statistical technology to provide you with:

  • Payment risk management
  • Real time risk scores
  • Fraud alerts
  • Pre-authorization and registration lines
  • User profiles
  • Global databases
  • Local databases
  • Automatic system notifications
  • Detailed analysis and reports

Platform integration How to start?


01. Choose the best plan according to your needs

Depending on the size of your online business, you may choose from 5 different services. You can pick the plan that best fits your business.

Don’t worry; you can change your plan later on.

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02. Create an account and log in

Creating an account is very easy:

Simply register on

Bear in mind that you may only subscribe to one service package per account.

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03. Install the plugin or extension has native extensions for WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and we’re working on adding Magneto soon

You can install the plugin on your store within minutes.

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04. Enable your license and keep your business safe

Make sure your company is well protected by enabling’s permissions. You can focus on sales and growth and rest assured.
We’ll be working hard to take care of your safety!

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Facts about fraudStill hesitating? Take a look at these statistics

Online business owners tend to lose 1,3% of their earnings to fraud. Don’t become a statistic; let us protect your business.


25% of online orders are manually examined by e-commerce business owners, allowing overlooked faked orders, belonging to fraudulent activity.


20% of all online orders are rejected by online stores in Latin America, negatively impacting their brand reputation

Nearly 65% of business leaders believe that data management is an area that needs to be improved for fraud prevention purposes

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